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The Drama Factory is an independent, intimate theatre for Somerset West, Strand and surrounds!

Marriage For Dummies


Popular comedic actors Lisa Bobbert and Aaron McIlroy will engage fans this January when their smash hit comedy plays at The Drama Factory for three performances only (25th, 26th and 27th January). Husband and wife duo star in Marriage for Dummies – a hilarious survival guide for anyone brave enough to take on life’s ultimate challenge. We all know that marriage is more than a relationship – it’s a WILD adventure, so before you decide to throw in the towel, take some advice as these ‘marriage experts’, share the secrets of marital bliss and help you come to gripe.. er grips with your partner’s annoying habits.

Structured around the basic format of a Marriage Seminar, McIlroy and Bobbert (in the guise of whacky characters) lead the audience through the many trials and tribulations that affect all marriages. “Marriage For Dummies is a show for everyone, married or single. All the ideas and theories have been inspired by ‘authentic marriage experts’ and we believe that ‘comedy’ provides a unique frame work, acknowledging the complexities of marriage without getting into the blame game, thus, allowing our audience to internalise the lessons without feeling condemned” says Aaron. Cue Online’s reviewer, appraising the show during its debut run at the 2017 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, wrote: “This dynamic duo never disappoints. If you are in need of a good laugh and a relaxed evening out, this is the show to watch. A quirky mixture of comedy, dance, and music with interesting insight in how to make a marriage last. It will keep you well entertained.” 

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Dry White


Having recovered from his early-onset midlife crisis just in time for Cape Town to almost run out of water, stand-up comic, Nik Rabinowitz decided to explore the recent water crisis for his new show “Dry White”, mostly because everyone thought the drought would last forever, which ICYMI - it didn’t #SpoilerAlert. Now that mother nature has rained on his parade, Nik will be forced to discuss other stuff too, like staying woke post forty (different to staying awake but equally challenging), love, infidelity, transphobia, b-grade celebrity and The Land. Just kidding, what white person wants to discuss the land?!


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3 Funny Guys & A Pack Of Cards§


Three of South Africa’s most loved comedy magicians perform together for their debut show, “3 Funny Guys & A Pack Of Cards”, a show filled with visual illusions, jaw-dropping sleight-of-hand magic and packed with belly laughter.

Magic Man was born in Cape Town but grew up in Canada, where he started his signature sleight-of-hand manipulation magic shows by performing as a street busker. On his return to South Africa in 1994, Magic Man became a unique comedy sensation on the South African stand-up comedy circuit. Since then, he’s performed at every comedy club and casino in the country. He spends the northern Summers performing at street festivals in Canada and Europe, and the southern Summers performing throughout South Africa, mostly seen at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Magic Man’s unique skills are highly regarded by magicians worldwide. Marcel Oudejans is one of Africa’s leading corporate magicians, performing throughout the continent for blue-chip corporate clients at gala dinners, conferences and exclusive VIP functions for 15 years. He’s performed 3 one-man shows at the National Arts Festival and the Cape Town Fringe festival, and is the Producer of Africa’s only dedicated magic theatre company, ‘Cape Town Magic Club’. Drawn to visual magic & comedic wit, Marcel is adept at bringing audience members onto stage to help them ‘make magic’. Greg Gelb may only recently have become a full-time magician but he has a life-long love of the Art, being a self-taught magician since his teenage years. Greg’s sense of humour and interest in ‘mental magic’ makes him a hilarious & captivating performer! Greg has spent years entertaining guests at restaurants and performed 2 one-man shows at the National Arts Festival and Cape Town Fringe festival, with multiple appearances in the Cape Town Magic Club’s “Monday Night Magic” show.

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