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SAIL AWAY: In search of the golden pearl


SAIL AWAY: In search of the Golden Pearl

 We meet the crew of the ship. They are searching for the golden pearl. Why is

the pearl so special? Because it is one of a kind!

Their journey takes them over the ocean where the sea creatures live.

They arrive at the island – perhaps the birds will help them find the golden

pearl. The birds are not too helpful at first. The crew promise to leave the

island as they found it. Now the birds will help them – follow the clues!

What is the secret of the golden pearl? Listen to your heart.

This theatre production  is suitable for children aged 3-6 years and is ideally suited for an end-of-the year outing for preschools and playgroups. 

The play is specially created for young audiences within this age group, providing an exciting storyline in a non-threatening manner. The simple narrative is easy to follow and includes music, audience participation, puppetry and a general sense of fun!

Storywood Theatre Productions, is a children's theatre company based in Cape Town and was recently part of the Assitej Cradle of Creativity Festival at the Baxter Theatre. Director Margot Wood holds a Masters degree in Children's Theatre and is an educational drama and theatre specialist.

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The Syringa Tree


 Elizabeth Grace Is a priviledged young girl growing up in Johannesburg. After her nanny, Salamina, gives birth to a daughter, Elizabeth and her family are responsible for keeping the baby hidden. As the story progresses, she begins to learn the harsh realities of the country in which she lives - a shocking repulsion from the innocence of childhood to the cruelty of growing up.  Spanning several decades, The Syringa Tree tells the dramatic, heartbreaking and inspiring tale of a young woman's journey into adulthood. In this show, 6 year old Grace and 23 other characters are all played by one actor. Nancy Rademeyer.

 Info: The Syringa Tree by Pamela Gien was first performed in 1999, is set in 1963, and now finds its revival in 2019. Yet, despite years of separation, it remains as relevant on its twentieth anniversary as it was when it was written. Performed at the National Arts Festival this year, it received a Standard Bank Ovation Award and was heralded in the Spotlight newspaper as "fast paced and well polished." 

Bios: Nancy Rademeyer (actress). Nancy Rademeyer’s love for performance started at the age of five when she played the singing and acting role as Mary Magdalene in a nativity play. Following her passion, she was in various productions throughout high school. In 2016, she performed the lead role in The Reason, participated in The Artscape High School Theatre Competition, and she was nominated for Best Actress. In the same year, she received distinction in level 7 LAMDA external examination and performed the role of Verruca Salt in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Nancy has just completed her second year at UCT, studying a BA Theatre and Performance. Jeff Brooker (director). Jeff Brooker loves plays that make realism exciting for a 21st century audience. He practices his belief that detail can be used to give meaning to beauty. He has previously directed a production of Pamela Gien’s The Syringa Tree in the USA, and can't wait to give it a home again in its home country. He can also be found taking a peaceful morning run, watching re-runs of The Bachelor SA, or enjoying a good cup of tea. Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/SyringaTreeSA/

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