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The Drama Factory is an independent, intimate theatre for Somerset West, Strand and surrounds!

Brendon Peel in "Hocus Pocus"


Magicians have made the impossible seem possible for thousands of years. They make people question rational thought by creating moments of magic that suspend reality, even just for a fleeting moment. Brendon Peel has performed his unique brand of magic and mentalism across South Africa and internationally, most notably his hit show at the Edinburgh Festival. He has been dubbed by critics as one of the top performers in his field and is guaranteed to engage, entertain and blow the minds of everyone in the audience. Hocus Pocus is a show filled with hard-hitting mentalism and mind reading routines as well as more traditional magic tricks. Brendon Peel guides the audience through a variety of illusions and feats all blended together with a fun-loving and humorous approach. This show is a perfect evening out and is fun and engaging for the entire family. Young or old, everyone can connect with the magic that Brendon Peel creates on stage. Join Brendon on this journey through the mind and witness a true performer as he spreads the magic and unlocks the true magic, just remember the magic words – Hocus Pocus!

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Unhinged - Godfrey Johnson


A cabaret filled with musical madness inspired by Mozart, Bach, Bowie, Beethoven, Brahms and Madonna.


This brand new show is jam packed with hilarious characters such as the very concerned citizen, Nugent Stein; the flawless and neurotic, Divina Munschka and the urban warrior, Juniper Jade. Be prepared for the ‘middle-aged persons guide to the orchestra’ and a crazy duet performed by one.


Godfrey will also give the audience a chance to choose some of their favourite songs from his extensive repertoire 


Godfrey Johnson has performed in over 200 productions and has won numerous awards over the years. He was recently nominated  for Fleur du Cap Awards in three categories for his work in his one-man show, “Vaslav” (best actor in a musical, best performance in a solo show and best musical score). Recent hit shows include, “The Shadow of Brel”, “Flirting with Coward” and “Unzipped”.


In 2015 he composed the music for Pieter-Dirk Uys’ musical, “Die Van Aardes Van Grootoor.” 


“Enigmatic and brilliant....” Cape Argus

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Träumen, was sonst?


 „Träumen, was sonst...?“ 

Eine Lesung mit Improvisationen auf der Gitarre

Ein Kaleidoskop aus Träumen, Texten und Musik  -   Rilke, Bachmann, Kaleko, Goethe und andere Dichter balancieren mit uns auf dem magischen Hochseil zwischen Realität und Traum.   Dazu Gitarrenklänge im Gespräch mit Poesie: Verführung pur! 

A Kaleidoscope of stories, poems and guitar music–  Rilke, Bachmann, Kaleko, Goethe and other poets and writers travel with us through the mystical realm between reality and dreams.

Was ist Traum – was ist Realität? Was machen wir mit Träumen – was machen Träume mit uns?

What is dream - what is reality? What do we seek in dreaming – what do we bring back with us?

Dagmar Dekker (Kapstadt) und Eva Behrmann (München) gingen auf Spurensuche in der deutschsprachigen Literatur und fanden wunderbare Beispiele für die Kraft und Magie von Träumen, die dazu anregen können, eine Verbindung zwischen Traum, inneren Bildern und Realität zu suchen.                                Traum und Realität verschmelzen...

Dagmar Dekker (Cape Town) and Eva Behrmann (Munich) went on a journey through the German literary canon to find examples showcasing the power and magic of dreams as told throughout time. These stories and poems connect our innermost thoughts and images, our dreams, and our reality. 

Die Schauspielerin Eva Behrmann liest die Texte im musikalischen Dialog mit dem südafrikanischen Gitarristen Hugo Veldsman, dessen einfühlsame Improvisationen eine traumhafte Brücke zwischen Wort und Musik entstehen lassen.

This exploration of dreams and dreaming forms adialogue between spoken word and music; with South African guitarist Hugo Veldsman responding to, and interpreting, the reading by actress Eva Behrmann.

Come dream with us!                                                                                                               

Die Lesung findet in deutscher Sprache statt. Englische Zusammenfassungen einiger Texte werden  bei den Vorstellungen erhältlich sein.

The reading is in German but English summaries of some of the texts will be available at the venues.


Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Deutschen Generalkonsulats Kapstadt.

Supported by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Cape Town

Eva Behrmann                         

Die SchauspielerinEva Behrmannist in Konstanz am Bodensee geboren, lebt aber schon seit vielen Jahren in ihrer Wahlheimat München.

Sie war Mitbegründerin des Münchner Privattheaters „Theater in der Kreide“ , wo sie in vielen Erfolgsproduktionen zu sehen war. Dazu gehörten die „Dreigroschenoper“, in der sie die Rolle der Frau Peachum spielte, aber  auch  Klassiker wie „Maria Stuart “  mit ihr als Königin Elisabeth.

Seit 1986 war Eva Behrmann mit einem umfangreichen Repertoire auf den Bühnen verschiedener Stadt- und Staatstheater Deutschlands von Konstanz bis Kiel zu Hause. 

Eva Behrmann machte auch kleine Tourneen mit Solo /Duo –Programmen, u.a. mit einer literarischen „Kurt Schwitters – Textcarambolage“ und einer „Hit-Show der 60er Jahre“ , ebenso Chansonabende.

Bereits Ende der neunziger Jahre war Eva Behrmann zu einem längeren Aufenthalt im Kapgebiet,  wo sie erfolgreich für das Kleine Theater am Kap das Stück  „Frohe Feste“ von Alan Ayckbourn inszeniert hat. 

Durch die gemeinsame Arbeit mit Dagmar Dekker an der Lesung „Träumen, was sonst...?“ kehrt Eva Behrmann nun zum ersten Mal wieder nach Südafrika zurück. 


Eva Behrmann is an actress from Munich, Germany where she was co-founder of the private theatre “Theater in der Kreide”.  Since 1986 she has been performing a wide repertoire of classical as well as modern roles in German theatres from Konstanz  in the south to Kiel in the north of Germany.

She also went on tour with solo/duo shows like a Kurt Schwitters programme  and a “Hit Show of the Sixties” as well as performing chansons.

Eva Behrmann came to know and love Cape Town when she directed the Alan Ayckbourn play “Frohe Feste” ( Absurd Person Singular ) for the German Speaking Theatre Company “Kleines Theater am Kap” during the late nineties. 

 “Träumen , was sonst..?”   marks her return  to the Cape .

Hugo Veldsman


Hugo Veldsman ist ein vielseitiger Gitarrist und Komponist aus Kapstadt, mit einem breiten Spektrum von Stilrichtungen – von Blues, Jazz und klassischem Rock bis zu klassischer Gitarrenmusik.


Gegenwärtig studiert er Klassische Gitarre am Konservatorium Stellenbosch unter Prof. Nina Fourie-Gouws. 


Beim Stellenbosch Guitar Festival 2015 spielte er seine eigenen Kompositionen für Solo Gitarre. Zwei seiner Werke für Kammerorchester wurden 2016 in die Kompos Konzertserie in der Endler Hall aufgenommen.


Hugo tritt regelmäßig in der Kapstädter Musikszene auf -  sowohl als Solomusiker 

als auch gemeinsam mit anderen Künstlern.


Hugo developed his talents on the guitar during his late teen years. After realizing his interests in music, Hugo's parents sent him for guitar lessons, where he developed a love for contemporary music. His greatest interests were prominent within Blues,Jazz and Classic Rock. 

Paralleled with Hugo's career as a contemporary musician, he diversified himself as a classical guitarist. After recognizing his potential, Hugo was accepted at Stellenbosch Conservatory where he is trained as a Classical Guitarist under the mentorship of Prof. Nina Fourie-Gouws. 

Hugo also composes exclusively for Solo Guitar, other instruments and ensembles.
In 2015 Hugo performed his solo compositions at the Stellenbosch Guitar Festival in the Endler Hall.Two of the chamber works he composed were accepted in the 2016 Kompos Concert series at the Endler Hall. 

Hugo performs in the Cape Town Music Scene solo or alongside various local artists. He continues to contribute his compositions and write music.

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Chantal creates musical moments in which worlds unfold and characters evolve, telling stories about being human.  Chantal’s pianistic style could be likened to Tori Amos; her lyricism evokes Suzanne Vega; and her voice similar to that of Amy Lee from Evanescence. The flavour, however, is all Chantal…a solo act, a woman, singer, writer and pianist, walking her own path; musically colouring outside the lines and crafting her own soundscape.

In her rich storytelling, Chantal writes about your neighbourhood and everyday experiences. What is the story behind that woman’s scars? What is the point of anger? What does life feel like after a fire? The infinite and the mysterious; strength of spirit, dreams, ghosts, death.  The nature of the world: freedom, war, hope, healing this world; and the intimate: relationships, betrayal, and love. It is all personal; it is all political.

The show is directed by Godfrey Johnson- one of South Africa’s leading performing artists, with a singular reputation as a Cabaret Artist, Composer, Writer and Director with multiple Fleur du Cap nominations and awards.

Chantal is her own musician, and the piano is an adventure.   “A chord unplayed can hold an audience longer than a crashing rock power-chord.” Faced with the infinite number of choices offered by 88 keys, Chantal puts the piano to work in a different way for each song, with tailored chords, unique and compelling arrangements, daring manoeuvres and gentle pulses.  Chantal creates her own melodies and counter-melodies, blending piano, voice, and rhythm to create colourful imagery generating a sense of vulnerability with an edge.

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The Crime Scene


Breaking the silence and creating dialogue through storytelling. This piece is about a psychological cycle of absent fathers which results in hatred and a furious society, producing violent-angry young minds. Mothers Face the consequences in isolation. One man relives the the tale, a life of a dismantled family. "This boy poses a very dangerous treat to society at large. And we as this community must make a practical example with him, its either we burn this thing or we stone him to death!"

 Zuko Wonderfull Sikhafungana Actor/ playwright/photographer/filmmaker (artists). Holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of the Western Cape. Founder and artistic director of Back Stage Theatre Production (BSTP) a community theatre company that was established on the 3rd of October 2014 by himself, Siphumzile Pharela, Sibusiso Maranxa, Khulekani Ndlovu. Which was then later registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO) on the 17th of September 2015. Currently located in the Western Cape on the outskirts of Cape Town in a small township known as Lwandle in Strand.

Zimkitha Ngaleka is a Dance Performer, Choreographer, Actress, Poet, When she completed her Standard 10 she went to City Varsity and completed 2 years in Professional Acting for Camera. In 2017 she went to JazzArt Dance Company in Artscape and Completed a 7 months dance programme and got her Certificate as a Professional Contemporary Dancer. As an actress she has worked with community theatre groups such as Kuyakhanya Productions and volunteered at Silukamva School Of Excellence as a Dance Teacher and Choreographer too. In her modelling journey she worked for 3D Management, Apollo Modelling Agency. In 2015 She represented South Africa in a beauty pageant called Miss Natural African Queen that took place in Cape Town. She also appeared on our TV screens for few local adverts such as KFC ads, Redisa Products etc. She worked with One of the very talented Dancer in Cape Town Stoan Galela whom helped her to audition for a German Music video in 2015 and she was slected as a Contemporary dancer in the music video. She also shot short films with CPUT film Students in 2016 and 2017. She has won a best Choreographer award from Lwandle Museum in 2017. received and award as the Best Supporting dancer in Artscape Theatre in 2012 In 2016 she came 1st princess from Miss Natural African Queen.

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Sasolburg Common "Birds" of South Africa


Cobalize and Jacomine have dreams that are bigger than what their home town can offer. Life is nowhere near as glamorous as English movies have led them to believe, and every guy they know has a name that is also a surname. But they're not going to let a lack of talent, skill or common sense stop them from achieving their goals. The van der Vlok sisters dare to share their ethically questionable shenanigans and opinions with everyone, whether you like it or not. With an unwavering confidence, these very common birds provide a how-not-to guide for anyone wanting to succeed at life.

"...mad, unexpected, original, edgy and totally, utterly hilarious. This could become a cult thing. It could go viral. Best you get to see it now!" - WEEKEND SPECIAL (Megan Furniss) "There’s a lot going on beneath the everyday situational comedy, one-liners, mixed metaphors and malapropisms. There’s the appropriation of a repressive system – in this case in the form of sexism – by those who are the system’s targets; our ‘birds’ Jacomine (Daneel) and Cobalize (Candice) for a start. The script touches on dysfunctional schooling systems, alcoholism, bullying, hedonism and, most encompassingly, the desperation that comes from living in an environment of constrained possibilities and limited freedoms. Sasolburg Common ‘Birds’ of South Africa debuted at the Alexander Upstairs theatre. The run is over but it’s sure to elicit belly laughs again soon." - THE CRITTER (Steve Kretzmann) Photo Credits: Canned Rice Productions Creative Team: Directed by Richard Wright-Firth Written by Candice van Litsenborgh Performed by Daneel van der Walt and Candice van Litsenborgh Presented by Canned Rice Productions Bios: Daneel van der Walt, who was born in Sasolburg, has been seen on stage in BIG GIRL, LONG STREET NIGHTS, THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW (Fleur du Cap - Best Supporting Actress in a Musical winner), MISSING and DANI AND THE LION (Fleur Du Cap nominee). This year, she made her Maynardville debut as Petruchio in THE TAMING OF THE SHREW. RSG listeners will have heard her voicing several animals in the radio drama, RSG SE STORIEDIERETUIN. She plays the role of Natasha in SUIDOOSTER on Kyknet. Candice van Litsenborgh grew up in Port Elizabeth and made her Cape Town theatre debut at Maynardville in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, before going on to perform internationally in hit musicals such as PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT (Fleur Du Cap Nominee, Broadway World SA Award Winner), ANNIE, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (Broadway World SA Award winner, Fleur Du Cap and Naledi Nominee), SWEENEY TODD (Fleur du Cap nominee), JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (SA, Greece and South Korea), and SHOWBOAT (Sweden). For Canned Rice, she adapted the June Carter Cash book FROM THE HEART for the stage. She also wrote, co-produced and starred in UNDERSTUDY BLUES, VACANCY and COURT. Director, Richard Wright-Firth split his childhood between England and Botswana before moving to London to study at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts where he later became a lecturer and director. He is a Carleton Hobbes Award winner and former member of the BBC Radio Drama Company. In the UK he has appeared in dozens of productions including HAMLET, MACBETH, THEY SHOOT HORSES DON'T THEY and UNDER MILK WOOD. In South Africa he has directed UNDERSTUDY BLUES, SALUTE THE TROOPS, THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID, FROM THE HEART and COURT and works as a voice over artist and dialect coach. He appeared as Muldoon in 3 seasons of the Starz Network series, BLACK SAILS.

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