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The Drama Factory is an independent, intimate theatre for Somerset West, Strand and surrounds!

Stand-Up Comedy at The Drama Factory


A night of Stand-up Comedy not to be missed!  South Africa’s foremost comedians join farces to bring you the most outrageous, uproarious, side-splitting night of comedy gold!  Hold onto your seats as your MC, the award-winning Rob van Vuuren, is joined by Melt Sieberhagen’s uniquely South African point of view, comedian KG who is the son of a Sangoma and a nurse and fresh from being nominated as best newcomer comedian in South Africa- Lindy Johnson.

Melt Sieberhagen has been working n the local entertainment industry since 2002. You might have heard his voice in radio ads or even the odd radio drama on RSG – the only medium in which he can convincingly play a sportsman or a romantic lead.

You might have seen his face in ads Tops@Spar or OLX or maybe you saw him on kykNet’s imrpovised comedy hit Proesstraat (yes, there is an ‘r’). If you concentrate hard enough you might even have seen him for 12 seconds in District 9.

When he’s not performing stand-up or acting, he also writes commercials and scripts for TV shows.

He recently moved to Cape Town, because if you’re going to be poor, you might as well be poor in a pretty place


Kagiso, or KG as he is affectionately known is the son of a Sangoma and a nurse. He is well and truly on his way to becoming a true comedy heavyweight. KG takes his audiences on a unique comedy journey with a glimpse into the “behind the scenes” practices of a Sangoma and what it’s like having one that you call “dad” , a nurse for a mom and why he was never able to take a day off sick from school. His take on what is regarded as an “unknown” is yet another first for South African comedy. In a very short period of time KG has moved from being an open-mic comedian to being a featured act in club, theatre and corporate comedy.  He made his big stage performance at the Joburg Arts Alive Festival in the Comedy Nine-Nine showcase, working alongside Rob Van Vuuren, Mark Palmer, NdumisoLindi and Kurt Schoonraad and earning rave reviews from the audience members and organizers alike. Since then he has shared the big stage with more of the crème de la crème of South African comedy at the Fugard Theatre Christmas Festival of Laughter, Vodacom Comedy Festival 2012, Comedy Central Presents, The inagural Keeping You In Stitches with RiaadMoosa, Black Only Comedy Show and the outdoor music Festivals in the Western Cape and most recently he was the opening act for David Kau’s Here to make you Laugh in Cape Town.  While many considered it too early to have a one person show, KG 2013’s nominee for the best new comer award at the South African Comics Choice awards went ahead and ran his first solo show, HEAVY at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. A week’s worth of packed houses resulted in standing ovations and a four star review in the media.


A newcomer from Paarl, Lindy Johnson has rocketed to success, winning the Savanna ‘Show us Your Apples’ Open Mic 2017 showdown, representing as the only female to make the finals – and then of course, beating out stiff competition and more experienced comedians to win the title.

After a comparatively short amount of time, Lindy has already started making her mark and carving out a niche in SA comedy, performing on esteemed stages such as Cape Town Comedy Club, Rocking the Daisies 2016 and most recently, the Jive Cape Town Funny Festival 2017.

Her brand of comedy has been described as a fresh take on life as a young woman in today’s world, it’s relatable storytelling with a highly enjoyable twist. You’re sure to see much more of Lindy in the years to come


And of course - no stranger to our stage...

MC - Rob Van Vuuren 

Rob van Vuuren became a comedian by mistake while he was trying to be an actor.

It was bound to happen though, if you consider his shortness to awesomeness ratio multiplied by his genius and augmented by the fact that he is a bit of a dick.

He cut his teeth in the mid to late 90’s (after graduating from Rhodes University) as an actor specializing in Physical theatre with a natural talent for physical comedy. To this day, Rob’s stand-up is characterized by absurd, surreal, and disturbingly hilarious physical interpretations of situations and characters.

As far back in the mists of time as 1999 the press had begun to pick up on this remarkable young comedic talent.

In the year 2000 Rob teamed up with obnoxiously talented tall person Louw Venter after meeting on a crap B-Grade Dutch action film being shot in Cape Town and the proud couple promptly gave birth to Corne and Twakkie and The Most Amazing Show.

TMAS and its insane mustachioed hosts became a cult phenomenon in South Africa spawning 2 unforgettable seasons of an award winning television series, 1000’s of indescribably insane live shows and a legion of rabid fans who have made a considerable dent in the South African lexicon.

Corne and Twakkie, along with bands like the Springbok Nude Girls and Fokofpolisiekar, helped redefine a generation of South Africans. Corne and Twakkie were particularly instrumental and influential in creating the scene that produced South African zef rap sensation Jack Parow and international phenomenon Die Antwoord.

It was this introduction to and tutelage in comedy beyond the fourth wall that TMAS provided him with that led to Rob’s addiction to stand-up comedy.

Terrified with the thought of doing 5 minutes at a comedy club Rob wrote his first full length one man stand –up comedy show (Rob van Vuuren is Rob van Vuuren) in 2008. The show was nominated as the one man show of the year in the (now defunct) SA Comedy Awards of that year and Rob also picked up the Nandos Breakthrough Act Award the” Live and Kicking ” comedy club at the 2008 National Arts Festival.

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Dear Diary


A married career driven woman is haunted by a past she never shared with her husband, as time goes by it eventually catches up with her. This show is reality based as nowadays we live in a society where secrets have the power to break a strong bond. This production will show you the extents a husband will go to make sure his wife is always happy whilst on the other hand she's always busy with something, somewhere

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Two Pianos, One voice


Original and cover songs celebrate their inspiration, vocal abilities, unique musical arrangements and originality - styles ranging from cabaret to blues, jazz, Afrikaans like you never heard before with a musical twist. Combined with tongue in the cheek humor, this is a feel-good, fun celebration of life with piano and voice - Godfrey Johnson and Petronel Baard will charm you!

Petronel Baard is one of the most beautiful voices in Afrikaans( Cabaret) – her latest five star album “Die Heelal Draai” is praised as deserving of every imaginable Afrikaans, Art Nomination that exists. Her music is described as “Sound Art”. Combined with the incredible talent of Godfrey Johnson, one of the most versatile cabaret artists of our times, jumping from brilliant performance tot musical direction, to director/writer, producer and actor as smoothly as a brilliant, musical chameleon - This is one double bill theater goers can be sure will woo you and thrill your soul.

Petronel met Godfrey when she performed and recorded her second album live at Evitas’ Perron in Darling, 2002. They recently met up and decided on a show together as the start of a series of shows. They are two very unique artists that bring a truly SA feel to the theater. They are also brilliant in their fields. Petronel has a staggering voice and stage presence and Godfrey is a writer, performer and musician that can upstage the best of the best. He is a mind-blowing artist. This is the first time they will perform together and it is bound to be a very unique and special event when guests are invited to enjoy their conversations over music. 

PETRONEL BAARD- a powerhouse voice and songwriter who needs no introduction in South Africa! This Afrikaans Cabaret star and recording artist was born in Riversdale in the Southern Cape of SA. After growing up and matriculating in a little town called, Villiersdorp, she completed her BA Drama degree at the University of Stellenbosch(US) in 1998, whilst receiving singing training at the US Conservatory and then from the veteran, Coba Wicomb (from “Randall en Coba”-fame in the Afrikaans Music industry). While completing her BA Drama Honors in 1999 in Cabaret and Directing, she entered the then nationwide Afrikaans singing competition, ATKV Crescendo- which she then proceeded to win. This kicked off Petronel’s professional music career in all earnest, and - under the guidance of famous SA pianist Rocco de Villiers -yielded her first album Lank Al, which was nominated for a SAMA Award as well as 2 Geraas Music Awards. Four more albums followed, displaying her stylistic versatility and her voice’s incredible range and gymnastic power: Déjà vu, Weergaloos, a limited edition launched by a Mossel Bay art gallery, a Gallery of Songs and distributed mostly abroad, and her most recent offering, Vonnie, where she collaborated with national icons Min Shaw, Albie Louw and Nico Carstens. Her latest release is a five star rewarded album that is described as word and sound art. Petronel is an avid musical and cultural entrepreneur and theatre developer Die HeelalDraai Die Heelal Draai In die heelal se ewige note draai musiek wat die beste verslag gee oor elke dag, wat jy kan sien en voel is wonderlik om jou…maar die mooiste is dit wat jy kan hoor in die stilte. Dit is juis in die intimiteit van elke blaar wat val, wind wat ritstel en soms so raas dat jy net dit kan hoor, wat die sleutels van ons hele al rus… Met ‘n vertelling wat strek oor tien jaar, word daar‘n album gebore in jou ore …Van die Strand tot Mosselbaai so met die Heelal se draai vir die Lang Vrou… Daar is die histeriese diva wat moes koffie maak as kelner en uit”freak” omdat sy dit “net nie kan doen nie!”… Die CD Bekendstelling in Centurion met blonde hare se wortels wat nie betyds gefix kon word nie a.g.v ‘n ernstige motorongeluk, tien dae voor haar CD launch vir Vonnie… Min Shaw lag nou nog vir die meisie se grimmigheid voor die uitverkoopte, Centurion vertoning wat sy met ‘n gebreekte enkel, amper heel af arm en knie asook pimpel en pers lyf moes doen. Die stap na haar pa se heengaan, toe sy haar heelal se as moes groet, so saam met Adam Small se dood, is vervleg en word met deernisvolle humor vertel en altyd met ‘n intieme lied beaam. Oor Met liefde van Eensaam en haar liefie deur die Klein Karoo wat almal bakens is op die pad van dit wat ons nie sou kon raai nie…As ek kon raai…alles opgedis in die klanke wat eg uit haar en haar medemusikante kom,soos dit klink, soos dit is…baie soos die Fadista van Portugal, maar in Afrikaans op Afrika se bodem. Kom neem huistoe die mooiste mooi, Ma en Nita se blues met Petronel se klavier en daai stem asook Soekmelk se vindingryke klanke op ‘n verskeidenheid van instrumente en hul unieke skryfkuns. Dalk vind ook jy die klanke wat so sweef in die wind… ”Daar is brood op die tafel en ek wil dit met jou deel”…(Akkerblare, Die HeelalDraai, snit 1).

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