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Bee Gees Tribute Show


Back by popular demand!  The incredibly talented Gericke brothers, called 1925 Band, have received rave reviews for their sell-out Bee Gees Tribute.  They will be performing the hits of one of the most successful brother acts in the history of showbiz, namely, the Gibb brothers.

Known for their 3-part tight, beautiful harmonies, incredibly high notes and infectious dance rhythms, The Bees Gees were one of the biggest disco bands of the 1970s. 1925 Band, a folk-rock acoustic group, originating from Pretoria, have taken the South African music scene by storm with their beautiful harmonies. They composed the theme song for the Afrikaans movie, “Eintlik Nogal Baie” with the acclaimed music producer, Mauritz Lotz, in 2016. “Eintlik Nogal Baie” peaked at No. 1 on the SA charts and a Spanish version was also recorded as part of the international distribution of the film. Their second album, “Eintlik Nogal Baie” boasts 3 new singles with “Gedig op Jou Arm” peaking at No. 2 on the SA charts and “Fynbos” and “Al Te Min Gevra” currently charting. Their debut album, “Horizon” launched in 2014, paved the way forward for them to be recognized. They have thrilled audiences countrywide with their fresh, vibrant acoustic rock sound and their music is heavily influenced by Mumford and Sons and The Bees Gees.


Boasting impressive vocals, engaging stage presence and exceptional musicianship, 1925 Band will do true justice to the iconic Gibb brothers and bring the distinctive sound of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb to their audience, with their show-stopping performance of the disco legends’ greatest hits and dance floor classics as they perform a Tribute to the Bees Gees.  Come and relive The magic of the brothers Gibb with hits like “Massachusetts”, “To Love Somebody”, “Ilands in the Stream”, “Night Fever”, “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, “Immortality”, “Words”, “You Should be Dancing”, “Too Much Heaven” and “Staying Alive”, to mention but a few.


A remarkable tribute show not to be missed!

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Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd tribute with Mel Botes


Taking centre stage in “Dark Side to the Moon”, the tribute to Pink Floyd is multi-

instrumentalist, adult contemporary singer, songwriter, recording artist and producer,

Mel Botes, whose brilliance as a guitarist had no limits in “Crazy Diamond”, sweeping

music lovers off their feet. Based on the success of the Crazy Diamond show, which was

first launched in 2008, and on public demand – Mel Botes, who first hit the spotlight

with his rock opera, “David’s Confession”, successfully launched the second chapter in

his series of Pink Floyd Tribute shows at the Atterbury Theatre in October 2013 to a

SOLD OUT audience! Mel Botes has been performing his Pink Floyd Tribute shows for

many years with rave reviews and thousands of die-hard fans of one of the most

successful rock bands of all time were taken aback by the authentic sounds. Many

people will remember Mel for being nominated “Songwriter of the Year” for his song

“Katryn” in the television series, “Song vir Katryn”. He was also one of the 3 musicians to

perform at Nelson Mandela’s birthday ceremony at Ellispark, Johannesburg in 2005.

The full “Dark Side of the Moon” album will be covered in first half and most of the Pink

Floyd hit songs in the second half! Mel Botes’ genial talent defies description: it must be


A show not to be missed!

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Improguise - The Style High Club


On Friday 7 February, lovers of fast, competitive, hilarious and totally out the box improv will get a chance to witness SuperScene – where improv directors will present scenes from their made up on the spot movies and the audience will vote out their least favourite after every round, until there is the final director and movie standing. They will get to perform the SuperScene. Come with your suggestions for styles, titles and even characters to include in the craziness.

 On Sat 8 th February -Love Improvised Actually  this is ImproGuise’s nod to Valentine’s Day, with the ins and outs and ups and downs of love in every improvised scene. How many different forms can love take?

What is your love story? With your suggestions and ideas, ImproGuise will take you on a hilarious, heartfelt and completely improvised journey of love, through scenes, characters, song and maybe even dance! Who knows? Your ideas about love will never be the same after watching Love Improvised Actually. 

ImproGuise has been delighting audiences with their special brand of creative, funny and fantastic improv for 27 years and they have gotten better and better. Masters of TheatreSports, as well as creators of many other formats, both long form and short, the ImproGuise team always guarantee that you will leave their shows smiling and amazed.

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Emma van Heyn


Emma van Heyn is a South African actor, musician and songwriter. This 24 year old has released a vast kaleidoscope of musical creations. From a 16 track self-produced album, to recent singles and theatre sound design. She has just completed a successful live tour to London and New York City with her new upcoming releases.

After her highly acclaimed show about her interesting year in Shanghai, Emma van Heyn returns with a new show, fresh from New York. The music is brand new and original. From ballads, self-accompanied on piano, to a puzzle process of electronic pop sounds.  Come and enjoy this talented young artist with her unique, exceptionally original music, as well as the stories behind the songs.

“It happens only once in a while, a couple of times in your life, if you’re lucky, that you experience a performance of a young artist and realise that you are possibly watching the birth of an enormous career. This is one of those moments.” ." ~Ilza Roggeband (Die Burger)

 "She has the feistiness of an Ani Difranco mixed in with the story songs of a Mary Chaplin Carpenter and the humor of a Meryn Cadell. Her songs tell great stories. Her stage presence is a mixture of watching Norah Jones and Billie Eilish at the same time. At one moment she is creating loops and tracks in real time in front of you – using technology to it’s full affect, then she is over at the grand piano playing soulfully – like Tori Amos hitting a pain spot. In between she “performs” hilarious, captivating mini monologues of her life stories that are both self deprecating and insightful. You are completely on her side from the get go with her infectious enthusiasm for life in all of its follies and foibles. It’s not just a rose colored glass perspective on the world but more like kaleidoscopic glasses that keeps fragmenting life to discover complex, exciting, hidden patterns that Emma points us towards seeing. She’s a maestro and a muse – coaxing us to use our imagination on the jet stream of her evocative music." Stagebiz New York

Emma has written and composed music since the age of six. When she was seven years old, she made her professional debut at Spier Amphitheatre in the production “Movies’ Greatest Music” which toured around the country. Her solo music career began to surface in 2011 when she was invited to perform one of her originals during the South African streak of Imogen Heap’s international “Ellipse” world tour. “She told me never to stop creating” - Emma listened. In 2018, Emma did 315 performances in Shanghai, China. Her one-woman musical theatre production, Met Slenterslag na Shanghai, is about that experience. As one of 2019’s Woordfees gems and coming back to Woordfees next year, this production has paved its own successful playing field, touring nationally. It’s not only a music production, but an autobiography that showcases her drama, physical theatre and musical training. She studied drama at Stellenbosch University and music production at Berklee College of Music. From playing piano and singing, to music production and looping – Emma does it all. She does not only make music, but is also an actor. She’s landed various acting roles in theatre and film. Her most recent being a role in an upcoming Ridley Scott series and earlier works such as the lead role in the Silwerskerm short film, Luister. Her love of choral music has a strong influence on her original music. She was a member of the Tygerberg Children’s Choir (2003-2008), the South African Youth Choir (2009), the world renowned Stellenbosch University Choir (2014), as well as a member of the SAMA award-winning group, The Voice of Angels (2008). Co-producer, Uys Visser and SAMA award-winner Marius Brouwer have worked with Emma on her album, Asylum, as well as her singles, I’m Tired of Being Broke and Pageant Queen. She’s currently finishing up her second album which will be released early 2020. Photo Credits: Thierry Bournier

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Family Therapy


Family. The place where individuals are nurtured, grown, treasured and driven crazy! Its never been harder have a functional family. Yes, everyone knows that only members of our family can get to and push the buttons that send us round the bend! 
Join Aaron Mcilroy and Lisa Bobbert in their new hit musical- comedy Family Therapy where they take a wild dive into the world of the family and investigate what makes them tick or explode. These comedic legends boldly go where billions have been before and hilariously investigate the dos and don’ts of living together in this strange arrangement we call family. Family Therapy guarantees to have you and your loved ones singing along and screaming with laughter not yelling at each other. Directed and choreographed by comedy ace Daisy Spencer Family Therapy is set to delight the new Drama Factory!

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