"From Memphis to Las Vegas" - Elvis Presley Tribute


The “From Memphis to Las Vegas – Elvis Presley Tribute” show features the duo, James Marais and Monique Cassells.  They pay tribute to all three decades of the “King of Rock ‘n Roll”, Elvis Presley’s career, i.e. the 1950’s, ‘60s and ‘70s.  The show is a mini-theatrical experience, featuring the dynamic vocal and visual performances of James and Monique, alternating as a duo and individual performers, who also do multiple costume changes throughout.


James, who has appeared on television several times, including appearances on SABC 2’s game shows, “Noot Vir Noot” and “Musiek Roulette”, as well as Kyknet’s “Jou Show”, presented by Emo Adams, presents an accurate and respectful tribute to Elvis with his amazing vocals, which he is able to adapt to the many different genres of music the iconic Elvis Presley covered throughout his career. James’ onstage moves give an illusion of Elvis in his prime, and his beautiful costumes do the king justice …  James’ jumpsuits are replicas of what Elvis wore in the ‘70s.


Monique Cassells is a very accomplished vocalist, having performed many different genres of music over the years, including rock ‘n roll, rock, pop, country, blues, ballads and even light classical.  She made her television debut on SABC 2’s “Musiek Roulette” in May 2018. Elvis Presley has been an all-consuming passion for Monique since she was 11 years old, and she performed his music in her public performance debut at the age of 17 in 1994.  Her renditions of Elvis songs are respectful to his originals, while putting her own stamp on them.


James and Monique are a powerful duo, renowned for their outstanding tribute shows.  With this show they present a refreshing tribute to Elvis, including many of Elvis’ hits, and covering the different genres of music Elvis so effortlessly performed during his 23-year career.  They also perform some powerful duets.  The show is a feast for Elvis fans!

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