Insecure - Women's Month Festival


Directed by Mava Silumnko who was recently nominated for a Fleur Du Cap for directing, Insecure is a brand new show from the Silumko Theatre Company stable based in the helderberg area. The production centres around a taxi owner’s family. The man has a wife, twin daughters and a son whose paternity is still in question. The husband drives all over the country and at times he can be away from home for months. That leaves the wife feeling lonely and at the time insecure. She starts building scenarios in her head about her husband’s doings when he is not home. Her loneliness leads to her feeling neglected so she finds comfort in her husband’s second in command. This goes on for months, but her husband eventually finds it out – leading to disastrous consequences for him. Will her evil doings catch up with her?


Yongisipho Mtimkhulu  

Yongisipho Mtimkulu was born in Matatiele in a village called Mkhemane, then moved to Cape Town in Strand where he finished his Matric in 2017 at Simanyene High School. He is currently in university doing B. Ed (language and social sciences). He started began acting at Simanyene High as an extra-mural activity, but he is planning to further his studies in the coming years. He is an actor, song composer, singer, conductor and a dancer. He won Best Supporting Actor in the Thola Festival 2019. He is also part of a community group Kuyakhanya Productionsand and that is where he also developed his skills and won Best Actor of the year 2021. He also played part in the Baxter Theatre festival and was nominated as the Most Promising Actor. Recently he directed a play in Simanyene High School called Wrongful Arrest. He is also now part of the Silumko Theatre Company. 

Zizipho Cadu

Zizipho Cadu was born in Exhorha, then she moved to Cape Town in Strand where she finished her matric in 2021 at Khanyolwethu Secondary School. She’s currently in Boland College doing her first semester in Medical Secretary. She started acting at Khanyolwethu Secondary School. She is an actress and a dancer, and is part of the community group Kuyakhanya Productions, where she gained more skills.

Sinazo Guga 

Sinazo Guga was born in Edongwe in the Eastern Cape and she grew up in Cape Town. She’s currently studying Management Assistant at the College of Cape Town. 

In 2015, she joined a community Kuyakhanya Productions, where she grew as an artist doing different activities such as singing acting and dancing. She took part in different plays such as Unpredictable Circumstances, Siyanyanzela, Inyala, Dear Diary, Ukuba Bendisazi and First Accused. Some of these productions have played in different theatres such as the Baxter Theatre Centre, Makukhanye Artroom Centre, Zolani Centre, Black Box Theatre and the H B Thom Theatre at The University of Stellenbosch as part of the Buya Schools Theatre Festival. She was nominated as Best supporting Actress at the Zabalaza Festival in 2017 and 2020.                                  

Buhle Sam

Buhle Sam was born in Ngcobo in the Eastern Cape and grew up in Cape Town in Strand. She’s currently registered as a Bachelor of Psychology student in the University of the Western Cape.

Her acting journey started when she was still a high school student. She became a member of a local arts group, Kuyakhanya Productions, which is an NPO that has produced a number of theatre productions that have been performed in many theatres and won many awards. It has also produced several award-winning artists. With this group, Buhle broadened her artistic abilities and participated in shows like Siyanyanzela and AmaZion.

In 2019, she became part of a production called First Accused, which won the Best of Zabalaza 2020 at the Baxter Theatre with a number of nominations. The production has also been staged at the Drama Factory and Black Box Theatre. She’s also a board member at Silumko Theatre Company, which also has produced a number of theatre productions.

Mava Silumnko - director

Mava Silumko was born in East London in the Eastern Cape and grew up in Cape Town, in the Strand, where he completed his high school education at Simanyene High School. He later furthered his studies in Human Resources at Northlink College. He started acting in high school as an extra-mural activity.

He is part of a community group, Kuyakhanya Productions, and this is where he started writing, directing and acting. He wrote a number of plays such as Ukubuya Komntu, Ukuba Ndandisazi, Siyanyanzela, and When Love Gets Bitter. Some of these productions have been staged as part of the Zabalaza Theatre Festival at the Baxter Theatre Centre, Makukhanye Artroom Centre, Zolani Centre, Black Box Theatre and the H B Thom Theatre at The University of Stellenbosch, as part of the Buya Schools Theatre Festival. In 2018, he formed his own company, Silumko Theatre Company, which has produced Dear Diary and First Accused. He was also nominated as Best New Director at the Fleur Du Cap Theatre Awards 2022. 

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