Divine Intervention


The Outlore presents Divine Intervention, the brand new singing trio sent from above, and they're here to pay tribute to the greatest divas of all time. Catch them at The Drama Factory performing some of the greats; Whitney Houston, Cher, Donna Summer, Madonna, and many more. This trio will thrill you with their out-of-this-world voices and infectious energy. From the creative team that brought you The Curse, Failure to Lunch, and the sold out show Fragments are back with Divine Intervention. This trio of vocal power-houses is made up of; Thembelihle Benenengu (idols SA, Barnyard Theatre), Megan Spencer (The Sound of Music, Legally Blonde, The Curse), and Jacy Jacobs (Recording & Voice Over Artist) and they are ready to pay tribute to the greats by performing some of the greatest songs of all time.

Photo Credits: The Outlore

The Outlore: The Curse (Cabaret Comedy), Failure to Lunch (POV Comedy Film), Fragments (Immersive Theatre), online content (Mis-, Change is Everything, & Irreversible)

Thembilihle Benenengu (Idols SA, Barnyard Theatre Productions, The Curse)

Megan Spencer (Legally Blonde, The Sound of Music, The Curse)

Jacy Jacobs (Vocalist, Recording Artist, Voice Over Artist)

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