Man Band


Follow Spot Productions presents Kalk Bay Theatre's smash hit…. Man Band!  Inspired by the rock and boy bands of the past.  Your favourite men will be banging out the best beats, ballads and barbershops breakouts along with their signature comedy snippets.  You can expect to see their rendition of Boys II Men, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Jackson Five, Crosby Stills & Nash, Queen, Foo Fighters, Outkast, Back Street Boys, Aerosmith, The Turtles, Kings of Leon and more.


Weekend Special reviews:‘Dashes of double entendre, some flirtation with the audience, and very tuneful singing do justice to a choice array of yesteryear’s hits. The strong cast are well matched in good looks, proficiency and stamina, navigating smoothly through a repertoire of hits popularised by rock and boy bands of the last century.

The singing and musicianship are enlivened further by some sprightly comedy which punctuates the numbers, resulting in an evening of remarkably jolly entertainment in true FollowSpot tradition. Music rules, however, and carries the evening with something for everyone.Warmly recommended!’  

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