The Unlikely Secret Agent


Eleanor, an unassuming, young single mother is arrested at Griggs Bookstore where she works in Durban and taken for questioning. The police are on the hunt for her lover, the notorious “terrorist”, Red Ronnie Kasrils. She finds herself detained under the 90-day detention act and brutally interrogated. They will “break her or hang her”. Written and directed by award winning actor and playwright, Paul du Toit and based on the Alan Paton Award winning book by Ronnie Kasrils, The Unlikely Secret Agent tells a true story of bravery and hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

It’s 1963, South Africa. The country is on a knife edge. Political protest, sabotage and violence has engulfed the country. Government forces of the Apartheid regime, under Hendrik Verwoerd, brutally suppress resistance. Under the State of Emergency, the feared Special Branch of the police arrest anyone suspected of being involved in underground activities. Ronnie is wanted for his involvement in a string of sabotage bombings of electricity pylons, the Durban post office and the offices of the Special Branch. There is no point in her resisting, the police “know everything”. But do they really? Eleanor is keeping a secret. She is a clandestine agent for the Underground ANC. But she must protect her comrades and Ronnie. She makes the daring decision to fake a nervous breakdown in order to be transferred to a psychiatric institution. From there, she begins to plot her escape.

Copies of The Unlikely Secret Agent by Ronnie Kassrils will be on sale in the foyer at a cost of R240 (cash)

Creative Team: Paul Du Toit - Has recently performed in Two to Tango at the Drama Factory as well as the NAF in Makhanda. He has won both a Naledi and Fleur de Cap award for his performance in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, as well as a Fiesta for best actor in Melk en Vleis. Erika Marais - Has performed her one woman show Jam Every Other Day, at the Drama Factory and NAF Makhanda in 2018, as well as Your Perfect Life at the Drama Factory,Alexander Bar and 44 on Long Street and won a Standard Ovation Award in 2019. Hannes Coetzee -is currently the Head of Culture and HOD for Drama at Curro Hermanus Independent School, and has previously worked in commercial and corporate events management.

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