Bryan Miles: Live


A master of the wicked manipulation of the mind and a performer who is trained in the art of thought deception. Bryan has performed across the globe, from London to Los Angeles. His TV series has had South Africans across the country questioning what is possible and what is not. “Absolutely phenomenal!” Leigh-Anne Williams (SABC 3 Presenter)

Bryan can seemingly influence and predict human behaviours. By using his skillset of magic, suggestion and psychology – he is able to theatrically manipulate your perception of the world. “Bryan Miles is amazing!” Jack Parow (Musician)

His one-man show sees Bryan sharing some of his unique obsessions with the audience. Bryan Miles is an ordinary person with extraordinary skills…whether it is extracting people’s inner most thoughts or controlling their behaviour – this show will keep you questioning the potential of the human mind! “I am obsessed with the human mind. Are the thoughts and decisions we make truly our own? There are cracks in the way we perceive the world – this show is all about exploring those cracks. Every thought we have results in some kind of action – I don’t read minds, I read people.” 

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