Godfrey Johnson, joined by Nicholas McDiarmid, returns ‘Unzipped’* refreshed, renewed and a little reprised. First performed in 2016, Beverley Brommert (Cape Times Review) found  “Unzipping “ Godfrey Johnson proves a stimulating experience…” and discovered “the layered and complex personality of this artist: sentimental, profound, impish…bright with some dark places.” 

‘Cabaret Unzipped’ weaves the songs of Bowie, Brel, Amos, Weill and originals, with the satirical characters Juniper Jade (now joined by Sally Sky) and Nugent Stein joined by young Meubeltjie) into a witty, humane reflection of life today, powered by the personal, rather than the tribal; the meaningful rather than viral.

‘Cabaret Unzipped - Songs & Satire’ furthers the inventive weaving of song, caricature and satire into a narrative fabric of 2016s ‘Unzipped’ which the Cape Times observed: “Johnson switches seamlessly from tender pianissimo to full-throated fortissimo…Topical references are artfully included into familiar lyrics, taking sideswipes at Donald Trump and the Gupta family; these are subdued and subtle, making their impact all the greater for understatement.”

Two years later, and Trump has since won the US Presidency and…Zuma…the Guptas…Change has accelerated, and Johnson feels the need to Unzip again, only differently.

Come and find out how life feels through the lens of one of South Africa’s most established performers and musicians, when Godfrey Johnson (joined by Nicholas McDiarmid) presents ‘Cabaret Unzipped - Songs & Satire’  at the The Drama Factory.

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