Two To Tango


Is it easier to broker a BEE deal than date night after 21 years together?  Two To Tango is a comedy drama about a superficially liberal white couple negotiating post-apartheid challenges.  Should they have jumped on the gravy train after all?  

Andrew and Lisa have been married for twenty-one years, and it shows.  Apart from coping with the daily stresses of raising two teenage daughters, looming mid-life crises and economic stresses, they continue to be confounded in their quest for the ultimate South African accessory....a black friend.  

Paul du Toit and Sue Diepeveen perform in this remake of Mike van Graan’s 2006 full-length play. Under direction by Ira Blanckenberg, this rendition explores how decades later, there still lacks genuine change in the New South Africa. Andrew and Liza’s relationship mimics our fraught political climate and highlights the effort required of both parties for a coherent community. This is a proudly Drama Factory production.

What audiences have said:

'What a fun show. We thoroughly enjoyed it. A play touching on a subject that is very relevant in a humorous way. Another fun night out at The Drama Factory.'

Highly entertaining, great humour,really enjoyed it.

Outstanding performance and very clever script....prompting much laughter however leaving the audience with a very strong message. Thoroughly enjoyed this show and rate it is one of the better performances I have seen for a very long time.

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