Septembir In September - Workshops


Sjaka S. Septembir has an MA in Theatre Making and has been working in the field of physical theatre for 16 years.

Improv Workshop

Improvisation is a great actors tool and at the root of clowning and all forms of physical theatre. The technique frees one to create your own work. We will learn the technique through games. Improv has helped thousands of people look at the world in a more positive and adventures way.

 5 September @3pm

 Mask Workshop  


By Sjaka S. Septembir


The root of all drama lies in the mask. We will play with the neutral mask, the full mask and the half mask. Learn how to fully embody a character. Mask work helps students everyday to become more aware of their bodies, opening new possibilities which lie dormant in everyone of us.  6 September @ 3pm

Mime Workshop


By Sjaka S. Septembir


In a fun way we will discover the basics of mime. In this playful workshop you will be taught enough to get you on your way to start creating your own play. Mime is the best way to help students to de-stress and increase their power to focus.  7 September @ 9am


 This is an introductory workshop for business leaders who want to find ways to deal with uncertainty and change in the workplace. Working in a physical,hands on,playful way, we will look at techniques to make the uncertainties of the future look less daunting. We find waysreturn to the now and to relax so that you can make clear andinsightful decisionsThis free introduction workshop is the doorway through which you can participate in unique workshops which have shown many people how to become more relaxed and focused in these turbulent economic times. Bringing the element of play and fun back into your work which will lead to a better work environment and more productivity.

Sjaka S. Septembir has an MA in Theatre Making and has been working in the field of physical theatre for 16 years. He has a BAA diploma from the UCT’s Graduate School of Business in 2016. After entering the business world he has become acutely aware of how the creative world can help the business world and he has been involved with giving workshops for corporate and mentoring. 

7 September @ 11.00am - entrance free


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