First Accused


First Accused is the show that focuses on women abuse. Are women failing other women?  Is the system at fault?  Many young women have faced this bad tendency of being abused sexually and physically. They keep quiet and not reporting the issue so, in this production, we educate about the result of not taking actions. 

Written and Directed by Mava Silumko performance by Sinazo Guga , Lina Ncobeni, Yanela Caza, Yanga Socose, Buhle Sam and Siphenathi Siqwayi Mava Silumko is writer and director his also an actor he has perform in many places such as Baxter theatre, artscape theatre and many more. he wrote and directed one of the power full plays named Ukuba ndadisazi , Siyanyanzela, Ukubuya komntu , when love gets bitter and Dear Diary. Mava won most outstanding artist of the festival in 2017 Zabalaza festiva . he is the Artistic Director of Kuyakhanya Productions. 

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