Songs My Lover Forgot To Sing To Me

A show featuring internationally renowned performer Godfrey Johnson.  Johnson will perform some of his favourite songs from his career. The show will feature original work by Johnson as well as songs by Tori Amos, Tom Waites, Leanard Cohen, Dorothy Parker, and Noel Coward all performed in Johnson’s unique way. 

Come and enjoy a gentle Sunday afternoon of humour, piano and love with cabaret star Godfrey Johnson. 

This award winning artist was most recently in  ‘The Shadow of Brel’, ‘VASLAV’, Bambi Sings The FAK Songs’ and ‘Insanitized’. 
‘One of South Africa’s most astounding artists...’ - Natal Mercury

‘In a league of his own.....’ - Michael Britton

There are up upcoming performances of this show available to book now. Browse here for other shows.