The Cornwall Killings


Dinners To Die For Murder Mysteries presents an immersive theatrical journey of homicide and hilarity. Fancy yourself a mean detective? Sift through the clues, cons, chaos and confusion. Scrutinize the scandalous suspects and crack the case if you can.

Set in the backdrop of 1943, at the peak of World War II. While the rest of Britain is fighting a war, we find ourselves amid some dubious characters and a brutal family feud. The old battle-axe, Neville Cromwell, a well-known World War I hero, has died in a rather questionable manner. Who will inherit his estate and who will hang? 

Rob Coutts- a gentle ginger giant with a big heart and a gawky walky.

Luella Holland- sassy and smart (dumb) blond with a killer (mwahahaha) sense of humour.

Rowan Studti- the handsome intelligent doofus of the group. Say no more!

Danielle Salmon- the token brunette and the only one with her head screwed on straight.

"The cast is fabulous, with yummy accents. The magnetic and charismatic Luella Holland is well known to audiences.  Over the years, she has captivated us with her stunning voice and dynamic stage presence. In The Cornwall Killings, we get a fill of her acting smarts and a plummy British accent, dripping with upper-class Brit pomposity. Holland nails it in this production. She had me in fits as did the rest of the cast. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this story unfurl."  read the full review  Review - The Cape Robyn

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