What Did The Fox Say? Episode one: The Feast Of The King Of Beasts


What Did The Fox Say? Series

Episode one: The Feast Of The King Of Beasts

King Noble has invited all the animals to the kingdom for a feast!   No one ever sees the king so it is a big occasion for everyone and they are all expected to be there to pay their respects.  Creatures from far and wide are excitedly getting ready, preening their feathers and fluffing their tails….all except one!  Reynard the Fox has many enemies and they are all waiting to pounce on him…his crime you ask?  Simply being a fox and, as such, too clever for his own good!  Will his cousin Badger be able to save him?

There will be a colouring-in component included in the show.


This exciting new anthology series stage production is inspired by Aesop’s fables called Reynard the Fox. The What Did The Fox Say? Series brings new life to these timeless characters, using multiple puppetry techniques and multi-mediums in a clever and playful way, which will amuse audiences of all ages.   An initiative sponsored by Dept. Of Sports, Arts & Culture and The Drama Factory. 



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